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Erik Rörsch, Minicitiist - Korenbloemlaan 48 - 2343 VE Oegstgeest - The Netherlands

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Latest news from Latvia;

Erik Rörsch received a reward from Aiaintis, the cooperation of 23 Greek cities.

See: Youtube-Aiantis


PROJECTS, a short list of projects done by Christiaan Kruis and/or Erik Rorsch & Partners gmbh/sagl, and Michel Dubois

Since 2015, in cooperation with a.o. local and Dutch architects and Latvian engineering companies, Latvian ministries:
- Fifteen feasibility studies for Swimming Pools with/without extras such as ice rink, sports halls,.. in Latvia and Estonia, 7 second opinions for swimming pools and two swimming pool projects in Greece.
- 4 pre-studies for larger projects, including x basins, sports halls, restaurants, wellness,...;
- The setup up of a non profit Latvian foundation, together with 2 local mayors. We did a lot of good smaller projects a.o.; swimming diplomas, assisting with law chaging for local swimming pools... 

Since 2010, in cooperation with local Greek architects and municipalities:

- The Salamina, Greece, Tourism Development Proposal
- The Tourla quarry proposal, Salamina Island, Greece
- The Battle Project preparations - Salamis – Greece
- The Salamina, Greece, Boulevard and City Park Project Preparations
- The Votsalakia restaurant-hotel-apartments-fun website, Selinia 
- A new major project in Greece, started in 2010- opening: 2028?
- The intial planning for the new Maritime museum, next to the Averof, client; Hellenic Navy.

Before 2010:

- Exploratorium Discovering Earth, an over 80 Million Euro project based in The Netherlands.

-Concept and master plan for an Urban development and theme park in China.

-Designs and feasibility study for the miniature city in Istanbul.

-Concept for the re-development of Istanbul Golden Horn project.

-Concept tourism development plan Greater Istanbul.

- Concept plans for 3 different project in Hungary, including miniature cities and a waterpark. As well as the redevelopment plans for the former busstation in Budapest.

-Concept for part of the Switzerland presentation at Epcot Center_Florida_USA.




_development of Urban surroundings at WINKELPOLDER


_pilot_study TRANSFERIUM, Utrecht

_vision and regional planning: MIDDEN GRONINGEN

_partial study and master plan DRECHTOEVERS, regional planning.

_partial study INRICHTING MAASVLAKTE 2, enlarging the Rotterdam harbor.

_new plans for: ARCHEON (rebuilding of this historical theme park).

_concept restyling racing CIRCUIT ZANDVOORT

_feasibility study and designs for Miniatuur Appelscha_ The Netherlands.

_feasibility studies for projects in Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, USA, England, France, Germany, Egypt, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary.

- designs and pre-feasibility study for MiniUSA, USA in Miniature and Little USA- Florida and several other US states.

_ PAVILION PHILIPS _ Moving Around the World _

_ VISITOR CENTER: water research laboratories

_ concept theme_park on NEELTJE JANS

_ designs for FLORIADE 2002, a major flower exposition


- De Generaal-Baarn, plannen om er een trientjes park te bouwen, 1985-1986

_ concept and design of "The Lagoon", Harderwijk (has won several prizes)

_ master plan educational recreation park GUNUNG GEULIS, Ciawi, Indonesia

+ Recreation and Miniature park, Ciawi_Indonesia, Client: Gunung Geulis country club. Assignment: Preparing the master plan for the recreation park and the feasibility study for the Miniaturepark.Budget: US$.5.000.000,_ for the Miniature park only. Realization study: 1995,

+ Cable way and an Environmental Safe Recreation Park, Lembang_Indonesia, Client: Imora Makmur Group/Daikin Division. Assignment: Preparing the master plan and the feasibility study for a Cable way and Recreation park with environmentally sound methods. Budget: US$.10.000.000,_

+ Berlin Dome and Miniature park, Germany., Client: T.M.I.F. The Netherlands Assignment: preparing the ideas and plans for a major tourist attraction in the Berlin area. Including getting the building permissions, land options and financing. Budget: over DM.150.000.000,_
The project includes hotel, appartments, restaurants, indoor swimming pool, zoo and Miniature park.

+ Client: The Miniature city Singapore Ltd.i.o. , Assignment: preparing the feasibility study. Designing and preparing a program of requirements and a master plan with regard to the landscaping and integration into the surroundings.

+ Client: a group of Dutch investors, project in China:Assignment: preparation of a pre_masterplan, masterplan and feasibility study for a newly to be developed Urban Park of over 100 ha.

+ Miniature Park Appelscha, The Netherlands, Client: Jasper Real Estate bv.
Assignment: Execution of the feasibility study and designing the project in cooperation with 
Grontmij Consulting Engineers NV.  

- Pre-studies for many small ans bigger projects all over the world.

- and many more projects, see also our brochures.